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Work and Career Issues

Work and Career Issues

Resolve Your Work and Career Related Issues

Work and career issues can cause a constant unsettling uneasiness. Your career is your identity – it shapes your life’s purpose, and when complications in your career can and do occur, as they often do, it can consume a person psychologically and make them question everything. Fear, anxiety, grumpiness, and an uneasy pressure in the stomach are symptoms that people commonly describe when dealing with career-related issues. Lack of sleep happens when the stress of work takes over, further aggravating the problem and making it even more difficult to perform focused work.

Many of us feel that success at our work is necessary – regardless of the cost. As a result, we sacrifice our health, relationships and social life just to advance our career. The situation can become worse if we cope with the stress of work in a way that harms us.

Having a therapist to discuss work or career related issues is a very healthy activity that will help you look at your career development objectively. Emotions like stress keep you locked into a reactive state that makes management of career and work issues even more difficult – and your productivity suffers as a result. Therapy provides a neutral space to think about what truly motivates and satisfies you, and, whether you are currently addressing these needs. The therapist will assist you in looking at the bigger picture and support you in attaining a healthy balance between the different competing needs in your life. By identifying any imbalances or negative patterns of behavior, you have the chance to appraise your situation and to think about how you can regain a sense of purposefulness or direction in your life.

Benefits of Therapy for Work and Career may include:

  • A regaining of purpose and motivation
  • A stronger sense of your own ability to adapt and change
  • Assertiveness techniques for achieving your goals
  • More satisfying relationships
  • A deeper sense of your values and core beliefs

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