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Improve Self Esteem

Improve Self Esteem

Therapy Can Help Improve Self Esteem

Sometimes low self-esteem can feel so painful or be so difficult to overcome. A healthy sense of self can make a profound difference in how we feel and function. Good self-esteem means self-respect, a sense of self-worth, a feeling of basic goodness about oneself. Low self-esteem can mean constant self-doubt and self-criticism, social anxiety and isolation, suppressed anger, loneliness, and even shame.

When someone has low self-esteem, it could be as a result of many things such abuse, neglect, negative self talk, criticism or co-dependency. Even over-achievers can also feel a sense of low self-worth. Those who constantly compare themselves to others, or are highly competitive and set unrealistic goals, may always feel less than adequate. Additionally, some people who have suffered a significant loss, from divorce, job loss, or even loss of health or youth, may have self-esteem issues. Low self-esteem comes from having a sense of no control over a situation.

Therapy can assist people to identify the cause of the emotional turmoil and set goals that will enable them to feel empowered and help them regain control. Low self worth is experienced in unique ways for each person. Therapy determines what self-defeating behavior is contributing to the maintenance of low self worth and lack of identity and challenges these thoughts and behaviors towards positive change. Through my work with clients, individuals identify relationships that are contributing to low self esteem and work to develop healthy boundaries to reduce the negative impact on the individual’s identity.

When you begin counseling, I will start by identifying those assumptions that are contributing to a sense of low self value. These could include the belief that “I am never good enough”, “there is nothing special about me”, or “I never seem to be able to find direction or purpose in life.” The emotions that are tied to these negative assumptions maintain a hold on an individual from feeling a sense of value and identity. By identifying and understanding events in life that contribute to low self worth and discovering a clear picture of a future without those assumptions, we are able to resolve these feelings and provide hope and release from harmful beliefs.

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