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Improve Communication Skills Between Partners

Improve Communication Skills Between Partners

Counseling Helps Resolve Communication Problems

Many times, when you begin communicating with your spouse or partner, you may lose sight of what the other person is saying and focus intently on your own thoughts. In order to communicate in a better, more positive way, it is essential to understand how your partner thinks and where the thoughts and feelings are coming from. In order to understand your partner more fully, you will need to spend more time listening to what he/she has to say.

Almost every couple who considers couples counseling includes “communication issues” in the description of their problem. There are so many factors that can interfere with effective communication; it’s not surprising most of us struggle with it. Many of us were taught to “get over” our feelings and thus did not learn how to talk about them. Others perhaps only witnessed screaming and yelling as a way to “communicate”. Regardless, almost all couples have had the frustrating experience of confronting the same issues time and time again with little proof of change.

One of the main goals in couples counseling is to identify the barriers around communicating and understand why and how the breakdowns happen. I work with each partner to increase their awareness around their “go-to” responses when issues arise. Couples therapy not only provides the couple with concrete tools for better communication, it also offers a type of laboratory where couples get to experiment with how to talk to each other. We slow down the conversation, try out different ways of communicating, and check in to see how we impact the other person. Through this experimentation, the couple begins to create a new dialogue and, ultimately, a new outcome to the old issues.

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