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Conflict Between Parents and Children

Conflict Between Parents and Children

Therapy for Conflict Between a Parent and Child

While arguments between a parent and their child is not of itself a bad thing, the manner in which we choose to resolve theses disagreements is what ultimately determines the outcome and anxiety each encounters. I approach conflict between a parent and child as an opportunity to develop communication skills as well as understanding for the stage of life the child is experiencing. Ultimately, the goal is to develop or enhance the relationship between mother and child, father and child, or in some cases to address issues of sibling rivalry that may have consumed the focus of the family.

Parents often have concerns about their children’s behaviors or functioning or when past successful parenting strategies no longer work with their child and instead there are increased power struggles and arguments. During pre-adolescence and adolescence, there are numerous physiological changes in your child’s body from hormonal to brain development, and they are seeking a sense of self and questioning their world – a place that used to be easy to understand for them but is now more confusing.

Suddenly, the child you thought you knew is different or they are not functioning as before. They might be more withdrawn, not seeing friends, and nothing seems to interest them or they are now anxious and worried about school and their grades have dropped. There might be increased stressors on the family and your child, such as parental conflict, divorce, financial problems, a move, or loss of a relative or beloved pet.

Therapy can help address the underlying basis for parent/child difficulties. Discipline and logical consequences are major keys in improving the relationship when children are young. Counselors work with parents to find nonviolent solutions (like rule setting and consistency) to unacceptable behavior.

Mediation can help parents and teens, or adults and their parents, come up with agreements that work.

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