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Learn To Resolve and Manage Jealousy Through Couples Counseling

Learn To Resolve and Manage Jealousy Through Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling Helps Address & Resolve Jealousy

Jealousy and insecurity can cause extensive damage in any relationship. Envy, anger and sadness often develop when unresolved feelings of jealousy are present. In time, a relationship can fall apart as the result of these strong negative emotions. Sometimes jealousy is warranted, and sometimes it is unprovoked. Either way, it is possible for a couple to work through their relationship problems and manage jealousy independently, but participating in couples counseling is often the most effective method for resolving negative feelings and returning the relationship to a happier state of being.

In marriage counseling, both parties are provided with opportunities to express their feelings and discuss relationship problems from each person’s point of view. This is done in a non-judgmental way, under the trained eye of a licensed marriage and family therapist. This approach helps the couple to feel safe, and that safety often increases the level of communication. Many counseling sessions are completed with both partners present, but there are advantages to individual therapy sessions as well. Both individual and couples counseling can be incorporated into the therapeutic process, allowing the couple to see substantial, lasting improvements in the shortest possible period of time.

During each session, couples might choose to discuss feelings of inequality in the relationship, past conflicts that remain unresolved or even unhealthy rivalries. The therapist will also ask open ended questions and utilize proven counseling techniques to encourage conversation. Whatever the underlying cause of the jealousy, participating in psychotherapy sessions allows each party to process emotions, reframe any negative feelings and understand how behaviors are impacting the relationship.

Counseling sessions provide opportunities to gain new coping skills and enhance strengths so the couple can walk away with skills that allow them to manage any new or reoccurring feelings of jealousy in the future. A licensed marriage and family therapist pulls from years of experience and tailors each session to the needs of the couple’s relationship. This provides a unique experience that is both healing and educational. Some couples are able to overcome their problems in only a few weeks, and others will continue attending therapeutic sessions for several months or even a year.

If you are experiencing feelings of jealousy or insecurity, make resolving relationship problems a priority by learning how to manage jealousy with the help of couples counseling. The future of your relationship might very well depend on you taking this important step toward healing.