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Get Help With Your Parenting Problems

Get Help With Your Parenting Problems

Get Help and Counseling for Parenting Issues

Parenting is a rewarding task, but it does not come without challenges. There is no rule book that explains how to parent. Even if such a book did exist, every child is different and requires a different style of discipline, structure and communication.

Issues exist in every family, and they sometimes increase in severity until feelings of anger or jealousy escalate and communication breaks down completely. The end result might be a child who suffers from behavioral issues at home, truancy at school, poor grades, physical or emotional outbursts toward friends or siblings or more serious concerns such as substance abuse or suicidal ideation. Rather than allowing problems to escalate to this point, consider family counseling sessions as an effective tool that can help.

Find Answers with Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions provide you, your spouse and your children with a safe environment to express feelings, voice concerns, discover how past events are impacting current relationships and learn effective techniques for improving relationships. Therapy is beneficial when a family is going through a divorce, is facing a severe illness or the imminent death of a loved one, after a move to a new city, when financial struggles are impacting children or when larger problems such as substance abuse or addictions are present. Even if larger problems are not present, family therapy can help to open up lines of communication and improve relationships.

In counseling, a parent discovers the child’s personality and perspective and learns how to utilize coping and communication techniques that the child can easily understand and will respond to. This allows the parent and child to break negative cycles and develop healthier relationship with every member of the family. A skilled counselor also provides the parent with gentle and effective disciplinary strategies that can be used to address future transgressions or negative outbursts.

Sometimes resolving the problems that a family is experiencing is as simple as giving the child an opportunity to process a recent negative event or past experience. Therapeutic sessions with a licensed marriage and family counselor offer the opportunity for a child to voice concerns in a neutral zone. Open ended questions prompt a child to dig deeper and discover a path to healing rather than allowing negative emotions to fester and cause further turmoil.

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Family therapy can reduce the possibility of a family drifting further apart, and it has the potential to save relationships between spouses, siblings and parents and children. The members of the family also benefit as individuals through improved physical and mental health and a better outlook on their future.

If you are in need of a licensed marriage and family therapist in Yorba Linda, CA, Sue Brazee is a professional who is ready to help. Through her extensive education and professional background in individual, couples and family counseling, she has gained the knowledge and tools to help your family resolve emotional turmoil and work toward a happier tomorrow. Sue will provide you with opportunities to discover family roles, rules and behavior patterns. She will help you to build upon your strengths and find new tools so that future problems are easier to work through and your family remains strong. If you have further questions or would like to inquire about scheduling an appointment, Sue Brazee can be reached at (949) 407-5613 or via her contact page.