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Forgiveness Benefits You As Well As The Person You Are Forgiving

Forgiveness Benefits You As Well As The Person You Are Forgiving

How Can Forgiveness Help

We have all experienced the pain and frustration associated with being hurt by a loved one at some point in life. Wounds caused by harsh words from a parent or sibling, the misguided actions of a close friend or poor choices made by a partner can cause feelings of anger, hatred or even the need for revenge. Feeling this way is normal for a period of time, but holding on to such negative emotions can be life-altering, emotionally damaging and physically harmful. Making the choice to forgive helps you to work through the negativity, and it offers many benefits to your physical, psychological and spiritual health.

What Is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness involves letting go of old grudges and harsh feelings. While some might believe that forgiveness means forgetting about the other individual’s choices that hurt you, this is not necessarily the case. Forgiveness is about letting go of your own negative emotions, and it can happen even when you make a decision to avoid reconciling with the individual who caused you pain.

The Benefits That Come When You Choose To Forgive

forgiving others helps you heal

When you choose to forgive, you make way for compassion, peace and kindness in your own life. This can help you to rekindle an existing relationship or move on to a new, healthy relationship. It can also reduce stress and anxiety in your own life. The Mayo Clinic states that forgiveness can help to reduce blood pressure, improve symptoms of depression, lower your risk of substance abuse and increase your own spiritual and psychological well-being. In this way, forgiveness benefits you both emotionally and physically, helping you to once again become a healthier individual all around.

When You Cannot Find Forgiveness On Your Own

Sometimes forgiveness is a difficult place to come to on your own, and when this is the case, counseling and therapy can help. Couples counseling sessions can provide opportunities for individuals to communicate in an open, honest and safe forum. These sessions also offer couples or families the opportunity to realize their strengths and develop new coping skills that increase opportunities for forgiveness now and in the future.

Individual Counseling Sessions and Forgiveness

Even if an individual does not have the support of the person who caused the pain and negative feelings of resentment and frustration, individual counseling can be quite beneficial. In individual counseling sessions, you are presented with opportunities to forgive yourself and discover coping techniques that you can use in your relationship with the person who hurt you as well as other important people in your current and future life. Individual counseling sessions are beneficial when you are having a difficult time letting go, and this can prevent you from continuing to experience the negative physical and psychological side effects associated with holding on to anger and resentment.

If you are seeking the assistance of a qualified Marriage and Family Therapist in Yorba Linda, CA, Sue Brazee offers a supportive practice and practical feedback that can make a real difference in your life. She pulls from her extensive educational experience and professional background to build upon your strengths in a highly personalized way that promotes personal growth. In this way, she helps you to find a healthy path toward forgiveness that will benefit you in more ways than you might realize.

While many choose to consider forgiveness as only a tool that benefits the other individual, it is important to understand that the true benefit of forgiveness comes in the form of improving your own health. Take the time to invest in couples, family or individual counseling sessions to find a renewed life experience and your path toward a better tomorrow.