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Does Couples Counseling Help Improve Intimacy In A Relationship?

Does Couples Counseling Help Improve Intimacy In A Relationship?

How Can You Improve the Intimacy in Your Relationship?

Intimacy is an important part of any loving relationship, and it allows a couple to share their physical and emotional selves with each other. Sometimes, as a couple moves through the challenges that life brings, intimacy gets lost in day to day experiences. Work, children and other time commitments can all cause a couple to lose focus on the importance of relationship intimacy, and this brings about feelings of distance or separation between the two individuals. If you and your partner are experiencing conflicts, frustrations, distance or challenges related to infidelity, couples counseling can provide a new beginning.

When intimacy is lost in a relationship, couples counseling is beneficial in many ways. It provides opportunities for communication, a safe environment for healing and a neutral party to mediate conflicts and conversations. As a licensed family and marriage counselor, I can provide you with years of experience in this unique and sensitive area. I will help you to understand the true meaning of intimacy and learn more about where the other person in your relationship is at and wants to be. You will also learn the value of effective communication techniques, allowing you to speak up and express true feelings. Couples counseling offers opportunities for a renewed interest in your relationship and the tools you need to work through future conflicts, should they arise.

Counseling sessions are typically short term, lasting several weeks or a few months, and they provide you with opportunities to discuss all of the positives and negatives in your relationship in a safe environment. At times, differences in child rearing beliefs, finances or other areas of the relationship are the underlying causes of barriers to relationship intimacy. Once your current problems are resolved, closeness and connection often return. At other times, domestic violence, substance abuse or past sexual trauma is the reasons for lost connections and intimacy barriers. Whatever the scale of your problems, our sessions will address them, and we will work together to find the path to healing in your relationship.

True intimacy, both sexual and emotional, is at the core of a healthy relationship. Taking the time to participate in marital counseling is one way in which a couple can show their devotion to intimacy, the relationship and each other. If you are experiencing difficulty in this important area of your life, contact me to learn more about how the therapeutic process will benefit you.