Couples Counseling

I believe we are at our best while in emotionally fulfilling relationships, and I’m passionate about working with couples and the excitement that change generates.

Mission Viejo & Yorba Linda Individual, Couples, and Family Therapist

Experienced in helping patients overcome depression, grief, anxiety, stress, infidelity, and more.

  • Improve Communication Skills Between Partners

    Improve Communication Skills Between Partners

    Counseling Helps Resolve Communication Problems Many times, when you begin communicating with your spouse or partner, you may lose sight of what the other person is saying and focus intently on your own thoughts. In order to communicate in a…

  • Relationship Issues

    Relationship Issues

    Couples Counseling Helps Resolve Relationship Issues In my work with couples I attempt to provide a setting in which both partners can safely explore their relationship, better understand their difficulties, and bring about desired change. Sometimes being in a relationship…

  • Conflict Resolution

    Conflict Resolution

    Get Help Resolving the Conflict in Your Relationship There is no such thing as a conflict free relationship. Some people have the mistaken belief that a happy partnership or marriage should be no arguing, fighting, or conflict of any kind…

  • Recovery from Infidelity and Betrayal

    Recovery from Infidelity and Betrayal

    Couples Counseling is Key to Recovery from Infidelity If you’ve been betrayed, the discovery of an affair can be one of the most devastating experiences of your life. Even if you’ve suspected your partner’s been unfaithful, you may feel disbelief…

  • Building Trust and Security

    Building Trust and Security

    Couples Therapy Can Help Rebuild Trust & Security Having trust and security in marriage is essential for the success of a relationship. If you feel this is an area that you and your partner are lacking then it’s time to…

  • Managing Jealousy

    Managing Jealousy

    Learn to Manage Jealousy with Couples Counseling Is your jealousy tearing your relationship apart? Are you jealous of every person in your partner’s life that came before you? Do you have a hard time trusting your partner because of your…

  • Forgiveness


    Counseling and Support for Issues with Forgiveness Often times past disappointments or resentments in relationships can lead to communication problems, undermines trust, prevents clarity and creates an environment of rage and despair. Forgiveness applies to any situation in which a…

  • Improving Intimacy

    Improving Intimacy

    Couples Counseling can Help Improve Intimacy Is your intimate connection a major source of frustration in your relationship? Are you seeking to regain the love and closeness you once had for each other? Intimacy is an all-encompassing word with sex…