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Couples Counseling in Yorba Linda–How Your Relationship Can Benefit

Couples Counseling in Yorba Linda–How Your Relationship Can Benefit

Maintaining a strong relationship and developing effective problem solving strategies takes time and effort. As few of us come across the skills necessary for a successful relationship naturally, couples counseling can be quite beneficial. Sue Brazee is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Yorba Linda, CA. She offers a therapeutic approach to counseling that benefits couples in many ways.

Resolving Issues In Any Relationship

>Relationship issues are common in any partnership. There is often an ongoing battle between family life and a career, saving for a rainy day and spending freely, commitment versus freedom and independence versus intimacy. A skilled couples counselor assists individuals in clarifying and exploring their needs and balancing those needs with the needs of their partner. In Sue Brazee’s practice, this is done in a safe and comfortable environment, helping both parties to develop important communication and coping skills that improve relationships and provide strategies to use if issues arise again.

The Importance of Building Conflict Resolution Skills

couples counseling in yorba linda ca

In addition to relationship issues, all couples encounter conflict in their unions for various reasons. A misnomer about a healthy relationship is that it is free from conflict. The truth is, all couples experience conflict from time to time, but healthy couples possess the tools and understand the keys to productive conflict resolution. When couples are not as adept at resolving conflict in a healthy way, counseling can be quite beneficial. Couples counseling provides the tools necessary to resolve problems in a constructive manner. By participating in counseling with a highly skilled marriage and family therapist, couples present a united front against their dilemmas, and this helps them to prevent feelings of frustration, isolation, depression and anxiety. A skilled counselor works with the couple’s strengths and helps to resolve conflicts by opening the lines of communication and increasing dialogue in the relationship. This helps each individual in the partnership to build self-confidence and self-efficacy, leading to healthier, happier individuals and a more productive relationship.

Infidelity, Betrayal and Jealousy

Counseling sessions are also a proven way to deal with larger problems in a relationship, such as infidelity, betrayal or jealousy. When these issues arise, extreme feelings of hatred, resentment, rage and humiliation can sometimes follow. This causes individuals to believe their world has been shattered and all hope is lost. Trust and security must be rebuilt, or the relationship will likely fall apart. Sue Brazee’s individual counseling sessions and couples therapy in Yorba Linda, CA provide a non-judgmental environment to explore feelings, overcome emotional pain and begin the healing process. After counseling, many couples state that the traumatic event dramatically transformed their relationship for the better, but putting forth the effort to communicate and heal is necessary before positive transformations can take place.

Improving A Relationship By Increasing Intimacy

Another important concern for many couples revolves around intimacy in the relationship. With time, intimacy fades in even the strongest of relationships. The demands of a hectic career, family schedule and trust or security issues can inhibit feelings of closeness and love. This often leads to a lack of intimacy, both physically and emotionally, in the relationship. Therapy sessions help to identify barriers to intimacy, expand upon strengths and teach proven techniques that help couples to bond and connect. When couples participate in counseling, they reap the rewards of improved emotional intimacy levels both in the bedroom and in every other area of their relationship.

Couples from all walks of life participate in counseling for many reasons, but they are always looking for improvements in their relationships and their individual lives. When seeking a couples counselor, it is important to search for someone who will work with your unique needs and skill set in a personalized way that helps you to feel comfortable. A skilled counselor will approach each challenge in a way that promotes personal growth and utilizes various therapeutic methodologies and techniques to facilitate healing. The psychotherapeutic relationship should also be respectful, confidential, secure and comfortable. If you are in the Yorba Linda, CA area, Sue Brazee, MA, LMFT offers these traits and proven methodology based on years of professional experience. With her assistance, you and your partner can journey toward a happier, healthier relationship through growth and healing. Contact her office at (949)407-5613 to learn more.